Does it work on Shopify and Squarespace?

Our embed works on all websites, including WIX, WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Weebly, and others

Do I need a secure website?

Yes, it is vital that your site as an active SSL certificate. Google now penalizes unsecure sites in searches and it also allows our geolocation function to work as designed

Can you just take our distributor reports and clean them up or do we need to use your template datasheet?

You can use our template to copy and paste your data into it and send it to us. If you want us to take your distributor data and clean it up and reformat it, we can do that for a small per report cost

Do you have a filter for on and off premise locations?

Yes, for adult beverage companies, we auto assign categories to the location data and create a filter for consumers to filter for on vs off premise locations

How long does it take for you build and launch a custom store locator?

Once we have a current list of retailers, it takes us 3-4 days to design the map embed to match your site’s branding and send over a simply embed code.

Do you have any how-to videos?

Check back soon! We are working on them.

Can I control what brands are displayed on my embed?

Yes, there are two ways you can do this.

  • You can completely hide brands and ignore their locations by unchecking the 'Live' option on the brand's management page.
  • You can prevent a brand from showing up in the drop down list on the embed by giving it a negative display index -- this can also be set on the brand's management page.